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Become A Blackstock Market Food Vendor

Liverpool’s largest food court is coming in April 2022 – with over 50,000 square feet to play with, we’re so excited for the launch of the city’s newest entertainment venue. We’ll have four theatre spaces with room for up to 1000 guests, as well as a live music stage and multiple different bars. Blackstock Market will be open 7 days a week and with everything going on, we need food vendors to keep our guests and their stomachs satisfied…

So what are we after? We’re looking for the best in town when it comes to street food vendors to make themselves a permanent new home at Blackstock Market, the biggest food court in Liverpool. The venue will be fully open to the public 7 days a week, and with super fast WiFi and a central location it’s set to be somewhere incredibly popular with students and the work from ‘home’ crowd too! There will also be over 10 ticketed events every single week, so that’s a huge customer base coming straight to you. 

As the new home of Hot Water Comedy Club – aka the UK’s largest comedy brand – there’s bound to be a lot of hungry comedy fans coming your way. Guests will only be able to buy food from our vendors, and Hot Water has a lot of dedicated customers excited to see what the future holds. In a never-seen-before move, we’ll be offering guests the chance to prepay for food vouchers for use at Blackstock Market when booking tickets to comedy shows too! Talk about pioneers…

Here at Blackstock Market, we want you to feel supported. That’s why you’ll have access to a professional photographer, provided by us, and there will be a full and ongoing marketing campaign from the team behind Hot Water Comedy Club. Nobody’s showing off, but they do have over 1.5 million social media followers… On top of that, we’ll ensure there are no conflicting food vendors AND there’s a fully inclusive %-based pricing model, meaning no hidden costs and a very low-risk entry level. All of the hardware and software you need will be provided, and you can set your own prices and opening hours. With full access to your own menus, get ready to feed the people of Liverpool and all of our wonderful visitors!

What else can we say about this incredible opportunity? Well, to make your life easier we’ll provide food runners AND a fully app/bar based ordering system, so there’s no need for you as the food vendor to take orders from customers! You can focus on the good stuff: cooking delicious dishes, stupendous scrans and tasty treats. Our sports, whisky and cocktail bars as well as our entertainment areas and studio space will be the cherry on top of the cake – but it’s YOU who’s going to make Blackstock Market what we want it to be. And that’s somewhere people think of when they think of somewhere with a huge range of food, where they can go with friends, family, partners and colleagues to eat, drink and be happy. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about?

If you think you and your food business are the perfect fit for Blackstock Market then please don’t hesitate to apply here. We can’t wait to get to know you!