About Us
Blackstock Market: The Heartbeat of Liverpool. Where Entertainment, Culture, and Culinary Excellence Converge

About Us

Blackstock Market, located in the heart of Liverpool, is a pioneering venue that brings together entertainment, culture, and culinary excellence in one dynamic space. This expansive venture, a £7m, self-funded project by local brothers Paul & Binty, spreads across 60,000 square feet, offering a diverse array of attractions. From the world-famous Hot Water Comedy Club and live music every day to a rich food market and the city’s largest rooftop terrace, Blackstock Market is a celebration of Liverpool's vibrant spirit and a cornerstone of community engagement.

The Journey to Blackstock Market

The seeds of Blackstock Market were sown from the success and community built around the Hot Water Comedy Club, founded nearly 14 years ago. The comedy club's evolution from its initial days in a nightclub to its growth into one of the most followed comedy clubs in the world reflects a journey of passion, creativity, and ambition. While Hot Water Comedy Club and Blackstock Market are distinct entities, the ethos and the energy behind the comedy club have significantly influenced the creation of Blackstock Market. This new venue represents a broader vision of providing a comprehensive entertainment and cultural experience, embodying the same commitment to excellence and community that has been a hallmark of the team's endeavors.

Our Vision

At Blackstock Market, our vision extends beyond creating a space for entertainment; we aim to forge a community hub that reflects the soul of Liverpool, nurturing local talent and businesses. We're dedicated to showcasing the best of the city, from its culinary delights and musical heritage to its comedic brilliance. Our partnerships with local food traders, suppliers, and breweries, and our commitment to local employment, are testament to our dedication to contribute positively to Liverpool’s cultural and economic vibrancy.

What We Offer

Entertainment Galore: Featuring live music, nightly comedy from the Hot Water Comedy Club, jazz/blues nights, and special events, Blackstock Market is an epicenter of entertainment.
Culinary Journey: Our food market, with eight top local traders, caters to all tastes, offering everything from street food to gourmet dishes.
Bespoke Drinks: Whether you’re at Parlour for a craft cocktail or Whisky & Water for a rare find, our drinks selection is unmatched.
Versatile Spaces: Blackstock Market offers unique spaces for hire, making it the perfect backdrop for a range of events.
Cutting-edge Connectivity: With the fastest 10gb WiFi in Liverpool, we cater to professionals and students alike, ensuring a seamless online experience.

The Future of Blackstock Market

As we open our doors, Blackstock Market is not just a venue; it's an invitation to be part of a community-centric space that celebrates Liverpool's rich cultural tapestry. Our aim is for every visit to Blackstock Market to be an enriching experience, filled with discovery, laughter, and enjoyment. We're excited to welcome you into this space, where the legacy of Hot Water Comedy Club blends with the broader vision of Blackstock Market, creating a new chapter in Liverpool's entertainment and cultural scene.

Welcome to Blackstock Market – your new destination for entertainment, culture, and connection in the heart of Liverpool.

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